STC-ISP V6.XX programing software record version revision history
(Download the STC-ISP from
STC MCU STC-ISP serial programming failure causes and solutions)

Ver6.89C (2022-4-29)
1. Upgrade STC32G ICE driver to v1.02
2. Update math library file for STC8H
3. Improve the Chinese character processing ability
4. Correct the problem that the EEPROM size is set incorrectly using U8W offline mode download STC32G12K128 series

Ver6.89B (2022-4-15)
1. Correct the problem that the release file crash due to memory leakage
2. Update math library file for STC32G/STC32F
3. Support ISP password for stc15 series with version 7.2.5
4. Correct the problem that the EEPROM size is set incorrectly
using U8W offline mode download STC32G12K128 series
5. Correct the problem that offline download will fail using U8W with ID encode function and auto increment function
6. Update STC.CDB for Keil

Ver6.89 (2022-4-9)
1. STC8H3K64S2, STC8H3K64S4, STC8G2K64S4, STC8G2K64S2,
STC8C2K64S2, STC8C2K64S4, STC8A8K64D4, STC8H8K64U
code size is 63K, EEPROM size is fixed to 1K produced
from 2022-2-24 to 2022-3-21
2. Correct the problem that release project will crash

Ver6.88R (2022-3-19)
1. Update STC8H4K64TL series F/W

Ver6.88Q (2022-3-18)
1. Add STC8H4K64TL series

Ver6.88P (2022-3-12)
1. Update STC32G12K128 series head file
2. Correct the problem that program STC8A8K64D4 error using U8W

Ver6.88O (2022-3-2)
1. Update STC32G12K128 series head file

Ver6.88N (2022-2-28)
1. Modify the STC32G12K128 series limit working frequency to 35 MHz
(Recommended the frequency should not be higher than 33M when
the ambient temperature is higher than 85 and not be higher
than 20M when temperature is near 125 )

Ver6.88M (2022-2-24)
1. Add #STC32G12K128# series

Ver6.88L (2022-1-7)
1. Add confirm for "Next time can program only when P3.2/P3.3
are low at the same time" option.
2. Correct the display error for "UART Helper" interface
3. Upgrade ICE driver to v1.16

Ver6.88K (2021-11-24)
1. Add "STC Tool User Manual" link in menu
2. Add "STC ICE User Manual" link in menu
3. Correct the problem that cannot program code and
EEPROM data together for 64K series MCU. Include the
following MCU: STC8H4K64TLCD, STC8H4K64LCD, STC8H4K64T,
STC8H4K64TLR, STC8H3K64S4, STC8H3K64S2, STC8G2K64S4,
STC8G2K64S2, STC8C2K64S4, STC8C2K64S2, STC8A8K64D4
STC8A2K64D4, STC8A8K64S4A12, STC8F2K64S4, STC8F2K64S2
4. Add STC8C series head file
5. Add "Chinese" and "English" item to main menu
6. Upgrade ICE driver to v1.15
7. Update U8W/U8W-Mini for STC8H8K64U new version

Ver6.88J (2021-10-20)
1. Correct the problem that the prompt pop-up information
may be blocked by the startup screen during startup
2. Correct the problem that ADC error information
in the "Selection/Price/Sample" table
3. Add STC8G series and STC8H series sample code
4. Upgrade ICE driver to v1.14

Ver6.88I (2021-8-12)
1. Update startup interface
2. Add startup progress
3. Update interface menu

Ver6.88H (2021-8-11)
1. Add STC math library download function
2. Add display increment option for release file
3. Correct display problem in some interface
4. Add startup interface
5. Update the selection table

Ver6.88G (2021-7-12)
1. Update Delay-Tool
2. Add STC8H4K64TLCD series
3. Add STC8H4K64LCD series
4. Add STC8A2K64D4 series

Ver6.88F (2021-5-19)
1. Correct the problem that IRC frequency error
using U8W off-line program STC8H3K64S4
2. Add STC8A8K64D4 series head file
3. Add STC8H4K64TLR series
4. Update Keil CDB file
(Add STC8A8K64D4 series)
(Add STC8H4K64TLR series)
5. Upgrade ICE driver to v1.13

Ver6.88E (2021-4-26)
1. Correct the problem that open some files will be
misjudged as hex files
2. Correct the exception problem when moving excess code to
data area automatically
3. Add STC8A8K64D4 series
4. Upgrade U8W firmware to v1.43

Ver6.88D (2021-4-16)
1. Correct the problem that IRC frequency error
using U8W off-line program STC8H3K64S4
2. Add TRIM and PROGRAM-OR switch for U8W

Ver6.88C (2021-4-7)
1. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.42
2. Add "IAP15W414AS" type
3. Add "IAP15W4K62S4" type
4. Add TRIM and PROGRAM-OR switch

Ver6.88B (2021-3-17)
1. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.41
(Correct the problem that automatic incremental
duplication when downloading offline using U8W
2. Show an error prompt when there is address overlap
in the object hex file
3. Add new LED show mode for U8W
4. Add menu function
5. Add project management function
6. Add profiles management function
7. Correct the problem that the application will shut down abnormally
when enabled the auto increment function for some MCU part

Ver6.88 (2021-1-6)
1. Selection of 485 control port and level intelligently
2. Correct STC8G1K17/STC8H1K17/STC8H1K28 EEPROM operation
exception when downloading using U8W offline

Ver6.87S (2020-12-2)
1. Limit the max work frequency of STC16F40K128 series

Ver6.87R (2020-11-25)
1. Correct the problem that failed to install keil driver

Ver6.87Q (2020-11-24)
1. Add STC8C2K64S2 series
2. Add STC16F40K128 series

Ver6.87P (2020-10-16)
1. Correct the URL error when download file
2. Add HID helper tools
3. Add search MCU function (Click MCU Type button to search)
4. Switch demo code list
4. Switch demo code list to Chinese or English interface
according to the main face automatically
5. Add STC8C2K64S4 series

Ver6.87O (2020-9-15)
1. Correct the problem that the release file cannot
set the user password

Ver6.87N (2020-9-4)
1. The user interface data buffer size is extended
to 2K bytes
2. For STC8 series chips with firmware version 7.3.12x
and later versions, the important test parameters
are extended to 21 bytes when ISP download, which
added 20MHz, 27MHz, 30MHz, 33.1776mhz, 35MHz and
36.864MHz IRC test parameters
3. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.38
(Support the above two functions when download offline)
4. Cancel the editing function for all sample codes and
header files in the software in order to avoid being
modified by mistake. Copy and save as file functions
are remained

Ver6.87M (2020-8-21)
1. Release tiny version (No require Admin rights)

Ver6.87L (2020-8-6)
1. Add STC12H1K08 series
2. Add STC8H2K64T series
3. Support ISP download STC12H1K08 series
and STC8H2K64T series using U8W/U8W-Mini
4. Update Keil CDB file
(Add STC8H2K64T series)
(Add STC12H1K08 series)

Ver6.87K (2020-7-14)
1. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.37
Add bypass mode for U8W/U8W-Mini

Ver6.87J (2020-7-10)
1. Correct the problem that cannot program
test parameters using U8W offline mode
2. Remove USB to serial drivers from software
3. Cancel the function of automatically installing
USB to serial driver

Ver6.87I (2020-7-9)
1. Update Keil CDB file
(Add STC8H8K64U series)
(Add STC8H3K64S4 series)
2. Update LVD voltage for STC8H8K64U series
3. Add checkbox for user password function

Ver6.87H (2020-5-29)
1. Add ID encode function and Auto increment
function for USB isp
2. Update MCU selection table
3. Add F1 register declaration in header file
4. Correct the problem that release file cannot run
5. Add send CRLF chars function in UART helper
6. Support for escape chars in UART helper

Ver6.87G (2020-5-12)
(Reserved version)

Ver6.87F (2020-5-11)
1. Update CH340 & PL2303 driver
2. Add login interface for release file

Ver6.87E (2020-4-27)
1. Add STC8H3K64S4 series
2. Add STC8H3K64S2 series
3. Add No-Poweron USB download in user ap mode
for STC8H8K64U series

Ver6.87D (2020-4-16)
1. Add STC8H8K64U series
2. Add STC8H8K64U series H/W USB-ISP function

Ver6.87C (2020-3-24)
1. Correct the problem that the official website
cannot be opened in "Web Site" page
2. Add STC8H1K28 series
3. Add STC8G1K08T series
4. Add STC8G1K08-8PIN series
5. Add STC8G1K08A-8PIN series
6. Add STC8G series and STC8H series head file

Ver6.87B (2020-2-28)
1. Add STC8G2K64S2 series
2. Correct LVR list for STC15F2K/STC15L2K series
3. Correct LVR list for STC15F104W/STC15L104W series

Ver6.87 (2020-2-25)
1. Add STC8H1K08 series
2. Add STC8G2K64S4 series
3. Add STC8G1K17 part
4. U8W support STC8G/STC8H series
5. Update the selection table
6. Update MCU package table

Ver6.86V (2019-11-11)
1. Add reading net MAC address function in release file

Ver6.86U (2019-10-16)
1. Correct LVD voltage list for STC8G1K08 series
2. Update Keil CDB file (Add STC8G1K08 series)
3. Correct STC8G1K08 series pinouts

Ver6.86T (2019-10-9)
1. Correct "Fill Buffer" bug
2. Add reading net MAC address function
3. Add STC8G1K08 series

Ver6.86S (2019-5-28)
1. Add GX8S003 series
2. Support STC8C/STC8H/GX8S off-line download using U8W
3. Update CDB file in KEIL
4. Upgrade ICE driver to v1.09
5. Correct display error for STC8A/STC8F series MCU
after off-line download using U8W

Ver6.86R (2018-12-6)
1. Enable user EEPROM size function for STC8H1K28

STC-ISP Ver6.86Q (2018-12-4)
1. Add STC8C1K08 series
2. Add STC8H1K16 series

STC-ISP Ver6.86P (2018-11-16)
1. Add repeat counter option
2. Correct STC8A series display error in released project
3. Support USB mode ISP for STC15U series in Win10
4. Disable "User Password" function for "IAP15W4K58S4-Student"

STC-ISP Ver6.86O (2018-5-14)
1. Support Off-Line download using U8W/U8W-Mini in project release file

STC-ISP Ver6.86N (2018-5-7)
1. Adjust testing parameters display

STC-ISP Ver6.86M (2018-5-4)
1. Display testing parameters when downloading

STC-ISP Ver6.86L (2018-3-23)
1. Add STC8F1K08S2 series and STC8F1K08 series

STC-ISP Ver6.86K (2018-3-20)
1. Add demo code (Read parameters from RAM & ROM)

STC-ISP Ver6.86J (2018-2-9)
1. Update STC8 series MCU ISP option

STC-ISP Ver6.86I (2018-1-10)
1. Release tiny version software
2. F/W upgrade from 7.3.10 to 7.3.11 for STC8A4K series MCU

STC-ISP Ver6.86H (2017-12-15)
1. Auto build demo code after settings are changed for Baudrate-Tool, Timer-Tool and Delay-Tool.
2. Upgrade PL2303 driver in software package
3. Select 1200 as min baudrate when download STC8 series using PL2303

STC-ISP Ver6.86G (2017-10-31)
1. Correct EEPROM size option error for STC8A series and STC8F series
2. Update the selection table

STC-ISP Ver6.86F (2017-9-22)
1. Add ICE support for STC8A4K64S2A12 series and STC8F2K64S2 series

STC-ISP Ver6.86E (2017-9-18)
1. Upgrade ICE driver to v1.08
2. Correct eeprom file loading error for STC8A8K64S4A12 & STC8F2K64S4

STC-ISP Ver6.86D (2017-5-31)
1. Add new MCU types STC8A4K64S2A12 and STC8F2K64S2
2. Erase user EEPROM option default is enable for STC8 sries
3. Recommend user to enable erase user EEPROM option for STC15 series

STC-ISP Ver6.86C (2017-5-15)
1. Correct the STC608AD-3V programming problem using U8

STC-ISP Ver6.86B (2017-5-8)
1. Add new MCU type IAP15W4K58S4-Student for study board

STC-ISP Ver6.86 (2017-3-17)
1. Modify startup interface mode

STC-ISP Ver6.85S (2017-3-13)
1. Cancel Enter shortcut key function
2. STC8 series IRC default value set as 24MHz
3. STC8 series LVD default value set as 2.2V
4. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.36

STC-ISP Ver6.85R (2017-1-18)
1. Correct the lock STC8A series MCU problem
when off-line download using U8
2. Correct wait time problem after ISP on-line download
for STC8 series
3. Update I2C slave mode demo code for STC8 series

STC-ISP Ver6.85Q (2016-12-22)
1. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.35
2. Update demo code for STC8 series
3. Correct the problem which cannot
open code file sometimes

STC-ISP Ver6.85P (2016-7-20)
1. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.34
2. Upgrade ICE driver to v1.07

STC-ISP Ver6.85O (2016-5-31)
1. Improve key generation algorithm
2. Upgrade ICE driver to v1.06
3. Upgrade ICE F/W to v2.5

STC-ISP Ver6.85N (2016-5-12)
1. Add some demo code for STC8 series
2. Support make STC8 series mcu as ICE

STC-ISP Ver6.85M (2016-4-27)
1. Correct STC-Y6 instruction set clock
2. Update delay code for STC-Y6 instruction set

STC-ISP Ver6.85L (2016-4-25)
1. Add STC8A8Kxx/STC8F8Kxx/STC8F2Kxx series
2. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.33
(Using dual buffer for U8 on-line mode)
(Add "Disable auto detect" option for U8 off-line mode)
(Add a functon to detect U8 tool frequency)
3. Add P6 port and P7 port to control RS485 R/W
4. Add timestamp in messagebox while complete a operation
5. Add operation shortcut key
"Open code file" "Ctrl+O/Alt+O"
"Oper data file" "Ctrl+E/Alt+E"
"Download/Program" "Ctrl+P/Alt+P/F5/Enter"
"Repeat Program" "Ctrl+R/Alt+R/F6"
"CHeck MCU option" "Ctrl+K/Alt+K/F8"
"Stop" "Ctrl+S/Alt+S/F9/Esc"

STC-ISP Ver6.85K (2016-3-16)
1. Add STC15W1K32AS type
Add STC15W1K48AS type

STC-ISP Ver6.85J (2016-3-15)
1. Add STC15W1K20AS series
2. Add STC8Fxx/STC8Axx series
3. Support mask MCU information while update using release project
4. Add soft-delay demo code for STC-Y6 instruction

STC-ISP Ver6.86I (2015-10-26)
1. Update the selection table
2. Add power-on-delay option for STC15 series
3. Add IOs initial sentence into STC15 series demo codes
4. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.32
(Add power-on delay param for ISP)
(Add overcurrent param for U8)
5. Add STC5A60S2/STC60XE/STC04E/STC08XE series MCU

STC-ISP Ver6.85H-Beta (2015-7-6)
1. Internal testing

STC-ISP Ver6.85H (2015-6-16)
1. Support ICE debug using PL2303
2. Correct Release-Project proble
3. Add STC15H4K64S4 MCU type (Testing stage)

STC-ISP Ver6.85G (2015-5-3)
1. Only for internal testing

STC-ISP Ver6.85F (2015-5-27)
1. Modify checksum length to 3 bytes for code & data file
2. Support ISP download using PL2303 (No support for ICE)

STC-ISP Ver6.85E (2015-5-15)
1. Correct u8 Off-Line download problem for following series
IAP12C5A60S2 (6.2I and 6.5I)
IAP12LE5A60S2 (6.2I and 6.5I)
IAP11F60XE (6.2L and 6.5L)
IAP11L60XE (6.2L and 6.5L)
2. Improve the encryption for release project file

STC-ISP Ver6.85D (2015-5-9)
1. Add ID encode function
2. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.31
(Add ID encode function)
(Increament can be set to 16 bytes)

STC-ISP Ver6.85 (2015-4-15)
1. Correct a bug in Baudrate-Tools
2. Improve the compatibility for 485 function

STC-ISP Ver6.84C (2015-4-1)
1. Make the demo code simplified for students
2. Correct the warning problen when save demo code as Keil project in Win7

STC-ISP Ver6.84 (2015-3-25)
1. Remove default download demo code mode at startup app
2. Support to save demo code as Keil project format

STC-ISP Ver6.83 (2015-3-16)
1. Limit the highest IRC frequency for some STC15 series
2. Add STC-Study-Board demo code
3. Support download directly for all demo codes
4. Correct some selection table error
5. Add STC15 series UART3 and UART4 into Baudrate-Tools
6. Add STC15 series TIMER3 and TIMER4 into Timer-Tools
7. Upgrade ICE driver to v1.04
Upgrade ICE F/W to v2.4

STC-ISP Ver6.82K (2015-2-12)
1. Add Code-Size select list for
2. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.30
Select option "Always supply power for target MCU after On-Line download",
to use repeat download with always power-on
3. Correct Off-Line download fail problem for IRC series MCU using U7/U8
4. Add STC15W2K32S2 series
Add STC15W2K32AS series

STC-ISP Ver6.82H (2015-1-4)
1. Support release project for STC90 series which F/W version is 4.3C
Release project for STC89 series only the F/W version is 6.6C or higher
2. Correct download problem for STC89C51/52-90C

STC-ISP Ver6.82E (2014-12-19)
1. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.29
(Add support W25X40 series flash)
2. Correct the problem for STC15F104E/STC15F204EA series which cannot
using higher then 14400 baudrate to downlod

STC-ISP Ver6.82D (2014-12-18)
1. Add STC MCU package picture
2. Correct a problem in Timer-Tool
3. Optimize option "RESET pin used as IO" for STC10/STC11/STC12C5A series
4. Add define "P4.4/P4.5/P4.6" in STC89/90 series head file
5. Support release project for STC89/90 series
6. Optimize ISP download for STC15F104E/STC15F204EA series

STC-ISP Ver6.82 (2014-11-27)
1. Upgrade ICE driver to v1.03
(Add XSFR display for Enhanced-PWM)
2. Support download to use PL2303
3. Correct U8/U7 download problem for STC12C54/STC12C2052AD/STC89/STC90 series
4. Correct U8/U7 set option problem for STC12C5206AD

STC-ISP Ver6.81B (2014-11-14)
1. Correct cannot off-line download STC15W104 series and STC15F104W series

STC-ISP Ver6.81 (2014-11-12)
1. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.28
(Add support ASCII format increament)
2. Record increament and program count in release project
3. Correct some custom program fail problem for increament
4. Correct some custom program fail problem for userboard with OC
5. Update demo code for ISP download
6. Add some demo code for PWM
7. Add STC89C51 series
Add STC89C58 series
Add STC5204AD series
Add STC608AD series
8. Support U8/U7 on-line power option in release project
9. Update the selection table

STC-ISP Ver6.80 (2014-10-9)
1. Upgrade ICE firmware to V2.3
2. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.27

STC-ISP Ver6.79C (2014-9-28)
1. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.26
(Correct the problem that cannot identify the on-board flash)
(Correct repeat download problem for user board whit large capacitances)
2. Correct show wrong MCU option when read informations from
IAP11F62x/IAP11F06/IAP10F14x/IAP12C5A62xx and
IAP11L62x/IAP11L06/IAP10L14x/IAP12LE5A62xx which F/W version is higher than v7.1

STC-ISP Ver6.79B (2014-9-22)
1. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.25
(Add power-on delay parameter)
(Add voltage parameter for target S-VCC)
2. Add IAP15W4K58S4 MCU type (Support simulate and USB download)

STC-ISP Ver6.79 (2014-8-29)
1. Add STC15W4KxxS4 series and support USB download
2. Update STC15W4K32S4 series head file for Keil

STC-ISP Ver6.78B (2014-8-25)
1. Correct OPTIONs setting error for
STC12C5205x/STC12C5206x/STC12LE5205x/STC12LE5206x series
STC12C5630x/STC12LE5630x serirs with F/W version is 6.6 or higher

STC-ISP Ver6.78 (2014-8-16)
1. Correct LVD voltage and CPU-Core voltage for STC15W4K32S4 series
2. Add STC15W4K32S4 series head file
3. Opening IAP15W4K61S4 to make ICE
4. Upgrade ICE firmware to Ver2.2
(Pause all timers, CCPs and PWMs when stop debug)

STC-ISP Ver6.77B (2014-8-7)
1. Add STC15W4K32S4 MCU type

STC-ISP Ver6.77 (2014-7-29)
1. Update the selection table(Adjust STC15 series prices)
2. Optimize U7/U8 offline code for STC15F104W/STC10L104W series
3. Set the default min-baud as 1200 for STC10xx/STC11xx/STC12xx series

STC-ISP Ver6.76C (2014-7-22)
1. Add STC15W404AS MCU type

STC-ISP Ver6.76B (2014-7-21)
1. Add STC15W401AS and STC15W402AS MCU type
2. Update the selection table, adjust some chip prices

STC-ISP Ver6.76 (2014-7-18)
1. Correct download error for some MCU

STC-ISP Ver6.75B (2014-7-15)
1. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.24
2. Support EEPROM increament when release project

STC-ISP Ver6.75 (2014-7-7)
1. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.23

STC-ISP Ver6.74 (2014-7-3)
1. Upgrade U7/U8 firmware to v1.22

STC-ISP Ver6.73 (2014-7-1)
1. Upgrade U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.21
2. Correct the open file error for some HEX format
3. Correct increament problem in release project file

STC-ISP Ver6.72 (2014-6-12)
1. Upgrade U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.20

STC-ISP Ver6.71 (2014-6-11)
1. Update the selection table, adjust STC12C56xx series prices
2. Upgrade ICE firmware to Ver2.1
(Correct the P1.1 noise problem)
3. Upgrade U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.19
4. Add download password function for MCU which F/W is 7.2.x or higher
5. Add header file list for STC15W1K16S/STC15W408S/STC15W408AS series
6. Update Keil CDB file (Add STC15W1K16S/STC15W408S/STC15W408AS series)

STC-ISP Ver6.70 (2014-5-12)
1. Update the selection table, adjust some chip prices
2. Add demo code for 9-16 bits PWM
3. Update "Web-Site" links
4. Upgrade U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.18
(Correct the increament err when using U7/U7-S1 off-line download)
(U7 donot support V7.2.x communication mode for STC15 series)
5. Add STC15W104 model (F/W ver : 7.2.0T)

STC-ISP Ver6.69 (2014-4-17)
1. Upgrade U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.17

STC-ISP Ver6.68 (2014-4-17)
1. Upgrade U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.16
2. Add new STC15 series MCU type in Keil
3. Lock IRC15 series MCU hardware option in Option-Page
4. Set the default off-line download max baudrate as 115200
5. Add new baudrate 230400 and 460800 in COM Helper
6. Support user define the MCU type name in release project

STC-ISP Ver6.67D (2014-4-1)
1. Update the selection table, adjust some chip prices
2. Correct 485 mode problem in release project
3. Update NOTICE, include as following:
. Using MOVC instruction to read EEPROM
. Running at the last byte in code area
. About watchdog timer reset
4. Upgrade U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.15

STC-ISP Ver6.67C (2014-3-29)
1. Adjust the U7/U7-S1 interface
2. Limit the heightest ISP download baudrate for STC15F104W
3. Improve the highest off-line baudrate to get a faster download speed
4. Support copy EEPROM dump data as HEX format text
5. Update the tip message for "Encryption Download"
6. Confirm password when selection a lower LVR level
7. Add demo code

STC-ISP Ver6.67B (2014-3-17)
1. Add some remarks in demo code
2. Adjust the app interface
3. Upgrade U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.14

STC-ISP Ver6.67 (2014-3-13)
1. Correct LVD voltage and CPU-Core voltage for STC15W408AS series
2. Add STC15F207A/STC15L207A model (F/W ver : 7.1.4R)
3. Add STC608AD-5/STC608AD-3 model (F/W ver : 6.6G)
4. Show an error message when adding drivers fail to Keil
5. Support custom icons when release project
6. Without limiting the length of the increment when release project
7. Release project interface can be any zoom
8. Add demo code (ISP programming STC15 series using other MCU)

STC-ISP Ver6.66B (2014-3-5)
1. Add STC15W408AS series MCU
2. Upgrade U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.13

STC-ISP Ver6.66 (2014-2-24)
1. Correct LVD voltage and CPU-Core voltage for STC15W408S series
2. Open the low level LVD for STC15F104W/STC15L104W series
3. Add reading wakeup timer frequency and BandGap voltage sample code

STC-ISP Ver6.65C (2014-2-18)
1. Upgrade U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.12
Correct thedownload problem for the STC89/90 series
using U7/U7-S1 when the frequency is higher than 30M
(12T is higher than 30M, 6T is higher than 15M)
2. Add STC15W408S series MCU

STC-ISP Ver6.65B (2014-2-14)
1. Update the selection table, adjust some chip prices
2. Adjust the MCU type drop-down list, hiding part of no production models
3. Upgrade U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.11
Add handshake timeout mechanism for offline download
4. Add context menu for serial assistant TX/RX box

STC-ISP Ver6.65 (2014-1-22)
1. Correct LVD voltage and CPU-Core voltage for STC15W1K16S series
2. Correct the opening file error for IAP12C5AxxIAP10xxIAP11xx in STC-ISP Ver6.64
3. Add STC15F2K60AD series MCU

STC-ISP Ver6.64 (2014-1-16)
1. Return the original MCU with 1 second delay after making ICE
2. Add STC15W1K16S series MCU

STC-ISP Ver6.63C (2014-1-15)
1. Add clean user data function in U7 interface
2. Pack U7 drivers into release project file
3. Add EEPROM selection list for STC10/STC11/STC12C5A series MCU
4. Upgrade U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.10

STC-ISP Ver6.63B (2013-12-23)
1. Correct the frequency display error while downloading to
2. Update "MCU Selection/Price/Sample" list
3. Update "Recommend Books" page
4. Correct the counter problem while receiving data for UART helper

STC-ISP Ver6.63 (2013-12-5)
1. Update U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.09
2. Update "MCU Selection/Price/Sample" list
3. Update "Important information"
4. Modify download off-line code message
5. Correct URL linker refresh question
6. Add "Recommend Books" page

STC-ISP Ver6.62 (2013-11-21)
1. Correct the reset-pin option cannot be enabled for
STC15F204EA/STC15L204EA/STC15F104E/STC15L104E using U7/U7-Sx off-line download
(Notice: The U7/U7-Sx firmware do not need to update)
2. Set the default value for "Power-on reset output low level " option as disable

STC-ISP Ver6.61 (2013-11-5)
1. Update U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.08
2. Correct the inconsistency display problem between U7 and U7-S1

STC-ISP Ver6.60 (2013-11-1)
1. Update U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.07
2. Enable U7 plug and play functionality
(ie, detect MCU and start program automatically)
3. Correct the automatic download problem while boject file is changed
4. Correct the default P1.0/P1.1 option value for
5. Fixed a problem about the UART helper cannot open
6. Modify the Keil CDB file, increasing the STC15F104W model
7. Using text mode to display UART helper HEX data

STC-ISP Ver6.59 (2013-10-18)
1. Opening a new official technical support enterprise QQ : 800003751
(The capacity of old QQ is not enough)
2. Correct the error for option "Erase EEPROM next time"
(Including RS232 download, U7 online download and U7 offline download)
3. Correct the default IRC option for

STC-ISP Ver6.58C (2013-9-19)
1. Update U7/U7-S1 firmware to v1.06
2. Add User-Face interface for receive user define data
3. Support save website link file directly
4. Add PCA demo code(16-bit Timer + 16-bit Capture + PWM)
5. Detect and copy U7/U7-Sx drivers automatically

STC-ISP Ver6.58B (2013-8-29)
1. Support upgrade firmware automatically for U7/U7-S1

STC-ISP Ver6.58 (2013-8-28)
1. The U7/U7-S1 firmware update to v1.05
2. U7/U7-S1 can be set to USB to serial port tools
3. ICE driver update to v1.02, it support simulate used U7/U7-S1
4. Open 89/90 series EEPROM functions (compatible with Ver4.86)
5. Support clean Recent-Type list in MCU type
(Move cursor to the Recent-Type root node, and press the delete key)

STC-ISP Ver6.57 (2013-8-6)
1. Support MCU type in V6.56:
STC15F2K60S2/STC15L2K60S2 series
STC15F408AD/STC15L408AD series
STC15W201S/STC15W204S series
STC15F104W/STC15L104W series
STC15F104E/STC15L104E series
STC15F204EA/STC15L204EA series
STC10F08XE/STC10L08XE series
STC11F60XE/STC11L60XE series
STC11F02E/STC11L02E series
STC12C5A60S2/STC12LE5A60S2 series
STC12C5608AD/STC12LE5608AD series
Add support MCU type in V6.57:
STC12C5410AD/STC12LE5410AD series
STC12C2052AD/STC12LE2052AD series
STC90C58AD/STC90LE58AD series
STC90C52RC/STC90LE52RC series
STC90C58RD+/STC90LE58RD+ series
STC89C52RC/STC89LE52RC series
STC89C58RD+/STC89LE58RD+ series

STC-ISP Ver6.56 (2013-8-5)
1. Correct the low success rate problem in previous version,improve the download success rate.

STC-ISP Ver6.55 (2013-8-5)
1. Upgrade firmware for U7 & U7-S1 to v1.04
2. Add Recent-Type list to record recent 10 MCU type
3. Add U7/U7-S1 driver link in website page

STC-ISP Ver6.53 (2013-7-18)
1. Correct the problem which ver 7.1.3S STC15F2K60S2 cannot download with external crystal
2. Auto set the LVR and LDO voltage for STC15W204S series
3. Modify some tool tip information

STC-ISP Ver6.52C (2013-7-13)
1. Add new mcu series STC15W204S
2. Enable P4/P5 control RS485 function

STC-ISP Ver6.52B (2013-7-2)
1. Correct the ID display error for STC-ISP Ver6.2I STC12C5A60S2 series
2. Correct the problem which cannot open HEX file with abnormal data
3. Add some example codes (WatchDog, UART switch, SPI access serial flash)
4. Solve the incompatible problem for some USB-to-UART cable

STC-ISP Ver6.52 (2013-6-9)
1. Correct some display error
2. Add new mcu type STC15F408AD series
3. Correct the off-line compatibility problems for STC12C2052AD/STC12C5410AD/STC12C5628AD series

STC-ISP Ver6.51 (2013-5-31)
1. Correct the compatibility problems for STC-ISP Ver6.39 and STC-ISP Ver6.38D
2. Correct the problem which affect the EPPROM data when download a large file
3. Correct some display error

STC-ISP Ver6.39 (2013-5-29)
1. Limit the highest two LVR levels for the
STC15F104E/STC15L104E series and STC15F204EA/STC15L204EA series
2. Add STC15F408AD series in chip selection table,
and display differentchip series using different color
3. Enable on-line download for STC89xx series
(No support release project and off-line download)

STC-ISP Ver6.38C (2013-5-27)
1. Correct some display error
2. Add total cycles in instruciton table
3. Add initial EEPROM to 00/FF for STC12C54xx series mcu

STC-ISP Ver6.38B (2013-5-24)
1. Correct some display error
2. Correct the SS port declare error in 15 series SPI demo code
3. Copy HDD-SN to clipboard and show in message box after read correctly

STC-ISP Ver6.38 (2013-5-20)
1. Correct the wrong options display for STC15F104E the series
and STC15F204EA series
2. Add hard-disk SN check function in publish project
3. Add some important parameters at the end of RAM area for chips
which firmware version is higher than 7.1.1
(described in detail please refer to the Important Note)
4. Program some important parameters same as in RAM area to
the end of ROM area if you select the "Add a reset code
in front of ID" option for chips which firmware version
is higher than 7.1.1
(described in detail please refer to the Important Note)

STC-ISP Ver6.37 (2013-5-14)
1. Correct downloading compatibility problems for 485 functions
2. Correct the problem which auto increment can not be updated while duplicate downloading
3. Add detect new version function automatically

STC-ISP Ver6.36 (2013-5-6)
1. Correct the bug which download error when add reset ins

STC-ISP Ver6.35 (2013-5-4)
1. Add repeat program button in user release executable
2. Adjust ISP application interface
3. Add new MCU type in MCU selection table and some MCU price
4. Correct some bugs int STC-ISP Ver6.33(For details see important note)

STC-ISP Ver6.34 (Internal testing)

STC-ISP Ver6.33 (2013-4-1)
1. Correct user customization interface

STC-ISP Ver6.32 (2013-4-1)
1. Use new version release executable which user customization interface

STC-ISP Ver6.31 (2013-3-28)
1. Correct the increment as v4.86 mode, you can select HEX, DEC or ASCII format
2. support to rename increment as device number in release executable

STC-ISP Ver6.30 (2013-3-25)
1. Add new mcu type IAP15F205EA and IAP15L205EA
2. Add new mcu type STC15W102SW and IAP15W105SW
3. Add user code released function
4. Add Low-Voltage-Detect(LVD) interrupt demo code

STC-ISP Ver6.29 (2013-2-27)
1. STC ICE driver upgrade to v1.01 for support Keil UV2
2. Correct the bug which cannot download big file in Off-Line chip
3. ISP download add support all STC15F2K60S2 series MCU

STC-ISP Ver6.28 (2013-2-15)
1. Add instruction set table
2. Correct the bug which cannot write data to the last 5K bytes in Off-Line chip
3. Off-line mother code version upgrade to v1.02
4. Add P3.7 push-pull option for STC15W104SW series mcu
5. Add descriprion for automatic interface in Off-line mode

STC-ISP Ver6.27 (2013-1-23)
1. ISP download add support STC12C5416AD series MCU which F/W is over 5.8F
2. Update NOTICE information

STC-ISP Ver6.26 (2013-1-16)
1. Off-line mother code version upgrade to v1.01
2. Support STC15F104W series and STC15W104SW series to off-line mode download
3. Add automatic interface in Off-line mode
(START:P3.6 EOF:P3.7 SUCCESS:P4.1 FAIL:P4.2), LOW is valid singal
4. Add user encryption download in Off-line mode
5. Correct P3.4 default reset level to HIGH in STC15F104W series
6. Correct UART1 default port to P3.6/P3.7 in
STC15F2K60S2 series and STC15W104SW series
7. Remove the message box about need re-poweron to enable new option
in STC15F2K60S2 series
8. Update NOTICE information(Add LVD threshold voltage description)

STC-ISP Ver6.25 (2013-1-7)
1. Add a digital signature into the application
2. Add STC15W104SW series MCU type
3. Update MCU selection table
4. Update NOTICE information

STC-ISP Ver6.24 (2012-11-21)
1. The H/W option of off-line mother chip is Correct as :
Must use external 22.1184MHz crystal
P3.2/P3.3 must connect to GND before update
Close the power-on reset delay feature
2. Copy STC ICE driver and header files to keil directory
when add the STC MCU datebase to keil
3. Making ICE chip process user-friendly, one key production
4. Add "Notice" page and update the "Notice"

STC-ISP Ver6.23 (2012-11-16)
1. Add beep control for off-line mode (Beep at port P2.5).
2. Add ICE help file.

STC-ISP Ver6.22 (2012-11-15)
1. Add LED control for off-line mode (LED at port P3.2,P3.3,P3.4,P3.5).
2. Add single CPU solution (no use Timer and Uart).

STC-ISP Ver6.21 (2012-10-26)
1. Adjust the Off-Line download control interface, and add a detailed description.
2. Add software simulation UART example code for STC104E series.

STC-ISP Ver6.20 (2012-10-12)
1. Off-Line Download Board support program and on-line through program all STC MCU.
2. Add make IAP15F2K61S2 chip as a off-line writer MCU.

STC-ISP Ver6.19 (2012-8-1)
1. Compatible with the old version software project file.
2. Support ISP download for STC12C54xx/STC12C2052/STC90xxRC/STC90xxRD+/STC90xxAD.

STC-ISP Ver6.18 Beta3 (2012-7-23)
1. Correct the mistake about Dual-DPTR in single MCU ICE solution.
2. Add project file function(You can open or save project file).
3. Support ISP download for STC10xx/STC11x/STC12C5Axx/STC12C56xx.
4. Optimize code for accelerate the program

STC-ISP Ver6.18 Beta2 (2012-5-18)
1. Correct the garbage problem in the English version.

STC-ISP Ver6.18 Beta1 (2012-5-18)
1. Add Single MCU ICE solution.

STC-ISP Ver6.17 Beta2 (2012-5-15)
1. Upgrade Keil related settings.
2. Add ICE function for IAP15F2K61S2 and IAP15L2K61S2.

STC-ISP Ver6.17 (2012-5-4)
1. Enable STC15F2K60S2 series MCU clock(internal IRC and external OSC) switch function.

STC-ISP Ver6.16 (2012-4-16)
1. Add STC15F2K60S2 series.
2. Add Keil related settings.

STC-ISP Ver6.15 (2012-3-22)
1. Addition record version revision history.
2. Optimize the 485 control part .
(Remark: 485 control part is effective only for 15 series C version engineering test samples which firmware version is 7.1 at present)

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